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Tumbal Jailangkung (2011)5.810


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Starting from fad Raka, who invited three of his friends, Harly, Roni and Agnes, to travel to the village of Angker Batu. On the way they experienced a number of strange events, but they continued on their way. Disaster finally befalls them. Suddenly there appeared supernatural beings who hit them one by one to death, except for Raka who managed to escape from the massacre. 30 years later …. Linda, a college student, was devastated to find out that Richard, his girlfriend, did not really love him, but only made him the object of betting with his friends, Galang and Hanung. Richard even insulted him by offering him some money. Linda told her friend Vena, Vena was angry with Richard and his friends. But Richard even threatened to kill Vena if all his actions were exposed. Linda became depressed when she found out she was pregnant because of Richard’s doing.