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Get Married (2007)


Nonton Get Married subtitle indonesia – Mae, Guntoro, Eman, and Beni are best friends who develop a strong bond between them. Mae’s parents – Mr. Mardi and Mrs. Mardi – consider her only as a burden to them. To make light their responsibilities both her parent are seeking for a husband for Mae. Unfortunately every candidates who came ended up chased out by her 3 friends who obviously were ordered by Mae. Rendy a rich good looking young man who is bored with the typical city girl, came to know about Mae, and feel challenged to participate. So he went to Mae’s house and found love at the first sight, in fact Mae also have the same feeling toward Rendy, but a miscommunication caused her three friends to think that Mae disliked Rendy and beat him up. Mae got frustrated and decided to choose one of her best friends to become her husband. Meanwhile, Rendy is angry over the treatment he received from Mae’s friends. He gathered his friends and went to Mae’s village for revenge just as Mae about to be married.

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